The Power Of Content Marketing: How One Couple Built A Six-Figure Business

Content marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined audience. It's also one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. In this blog article you'll find out how one couple went from zero to six-figures in just four years by doing content marketing on their own!

The first step in digital marketing is making your website SEO-friendly. In this article, find out what that means and how to do it.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating, publishing and promoting content that helps businesses grow their brand through building loyal audiences. The strategy works by creating valuable content that offers free value to your audience in exchange for the right to market products to them.

How do we define success?

Content marketing is the most important aspect of online marketing today because it gives businesses the opportunity to reach their target audience in a way that fits with how they want to be marketed. In this blog, Josh and Jillian Olszewski share how they were able to build a six-figure business using content marketing.

One definition of success is to be able to generate a six-figure income. The power of content marketing is that it can help you grow your business. This is typically done through creating and publishing blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. It could also come in the form of an e-book or webinar.

The Power of Content Marketing: A Six-Figure Business on the Internet

Content marketing is where businesses can have a lot of success. Someone who has found success with content marketing is a couple from New Zealand, George and Apryl Bennett. They built their six-figure business by putting out content that was high quality, relevant, and helpful to others. For example, their blog has over one million followers; they created the only Facebook group to help people find pet insurance; and they have written books about their journey.

Creating a content marketing funnel

A content marketing funnel is a set of steps that can be taken to generate leads, convert them into sales, and close them. These steps include some combination of websites, blog posts, blogs, articles, videos and social media posts.

Creating a content marketing funnel for your business seems like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Once you have a good understanding of your customer's pain point and what they want to buy from you, creating different types of content that helps them in their journey is simple. The goal is to get them from point A to point B.

Building momentum with sales funnels

Building a six-figure revenue business is no easy task, but it becomes easier with the help of content marketing. One couple's recipe for success is this: identify your audience, create exciting, interesting content that addresses their pain points and wants to fill those needs, and build momentum through sales funnels. This strategy helps to create an engaged audience who trust you as the expert in your field of expertise.

How to stay relevant and consistent in today's digital environment

Content marketing is a powerful tool for reaching new audiences, whether you're selling a product, service, or information. Content marketing can also help you create a long-term relationship with your audience that helps lead to sales and brand loyalty.

Content marketing has a number of benefits. It helps businesses grow, build a loyal following and stay relevant. It also allows them to target their market and gain more sales. One couple is changing the way people approach content marketing by creating an entire story-driven experience for their readers.


Content marketing is important because it allows you to own your target market's mind. If you create and produce content that people love, they will come back to your site time and time again. This gives your site a constant flow of traffic that in turn creates revenue. The Power Of Content Marketing: How One Couple Built A Six-Figure Business is an article that discusses the importance of content marketing and how one couple used it to build their six-figure business.


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